(No composer mentioned)

Dash record 2543A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2543B (Called by Del Price)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of D, Tempo 130 bpm

Original dance by Del Price, Lakewood, California

Copyright date not given

Introduction, break and ending:

Join your hands and make a ring, circle to the left you know

Allemande left that corner girl, come back and promeno

Promenade and don’t slow down, the heads (sides) you wheel around

Star through, square three quarters ‘round you go

Allemande left that corner maid, come back one, promenade

Take a little walk with the lady fair, the girl with the golden hair.


Side (head) two ladies chain across, the head (side) two couples swing

Then promenade three quarters ‘round, three quarters ‘round that ring

Two and four (one and three) go right and left through, a full turn around you go

Swing that corner lady round, then allemande left you know

Come back one and do-sa-do, promenade on heel and toe

Take a little walk and around you go, with the girl with the golden hair.


Swing her there.

Tag: The girl with the golden hair.

Sequence: Intro, figure twice, break, figure twice, ending and tag.

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