(No composer named)

Dash record 2537A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2537B (Called by “Singin’ Sam” Mitchell)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of G, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by “Singin’ Sam” Mitchell, Tucson, Arizona

Copyright date not given

Intro, break, and ending:

Allemande left in the Alamo style, you balance out and in

Box the gnat and pull on by, the corner allemande

A grand right and left as you walk around the ring

When you meet with your lady, you will swing

Swing and whirl then allemande the corner waiting there

Do-sa-do your own and you promenade the square

Promenade the ring boys you’re gonna step it light

To a square dance in the old red barn tonight

Dance pattern:

First and third lead out to the right, circle round the track

You break to a line and move it up and back

Pass through and wheel and deal then double pass through

First two left, the next two right and do a right and left through

*Turn the girls and square through, three quarter ‘round I sing

Move onto the next and cross trail, your corner swing

Swing and whirl and promenade, **You’re gonna step it light

To a square dance in the old red barn tonight.


That old red barn tonight

*For faster dancers, try the following:

Square through three quarter ‘round and make a line I sing

You bend the line and cross trail, the corner swing

**Suggested changes:

I could dance all night, we’ll dance ‘til broad daylight

Sequence of dance: Intro, two changes pattern for 1 and 3, break, two changes pattern for 2 and 4, ending, tag.

***Callers please note: This tune is a natural for a hoedown, try it.

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