(No composer named)

Dash record 2534A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2534B (Called by Johnny Schroeder, Mesa, Arizona)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of A, Tempo 128 bpm

Original dance by Dale Durbin, San Diego, California

Copyright 1961

Intro, break, and ending:

All join hands and circle left around that big old ring

Allemande left your corner, your partner a right hand swing

Gents star left in the center, it’s once around you go

Take your girl with an arm around in a star promino

Four little ladies backtrack go twice around the town

Second time you meet him just do-sa-do around

Promenade your wildwood flower you take her right back home

*Hurry up and swing her before she starts to roam.


First and third (second and fourth) you promenade halfway ‘round the ring

Come down the middle, a right and left through and turn your little Jane

Sides (heads) square through three quarters ‘round and then

You turn back, star through and then a right and left through

Turn the girls and dive through, pass through and the corner swing

Swing this little lady ‘round then promenade the ring

Promenade this new little flower and take her right back home

*Hurry up and swing her ‘cause she’ll soon be gone.

On last line of last figure and ending, substitute with:

*Settle down and swing her boys ‘cause she never more will roam.

Sequence of dance: Intro, figure twice for heads, break, figure twice for sides, and ending.

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