(No composer given)

Dash record 2530A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2530B (Called by Bob Johnston)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of F, Tempo 130 bpm

Original dance by Bob Johnston, Phoenix, Arizona

Copyright 1961

Introduction, break and ending:

All four ladies chain, turn ‘em Joe

Heads (sides) go forward and back, then do-sa-do

Make an ocean wave and rock it man, make a line of four and drop your hands

Sides (heads) star through, then everone left allemande

It’s a grand old right and left go ‘round the hall

Do-sa-do your honey, promenade that doll

Promenade around you go, walkin’ with seet smiling Flo

That is why I call her shine.**


Heads (sides) crosstrail, separate, go ‘round two

Make that line of four, go up and back with you

Star through, inside two pass through go right and left through

– – Dive through, pass through, swing old corner

‘Round – –, left allemande now

Come back one and do-sa=do, then promenade

*Promenade go ‘round the floor, with the girl that I adore

That is why I call her shine.

Variation: (or any you care to make up)

*Promenade go ‘round the land, walkin’ with that lovin’ Jan

*Promenade go ‘round the ring, get on home and man you swing

*Promenade home and don’t be choosy, no one here compares with Susie

*Promenade you have no choice, you’ve got Betty, I’ve got Joyce

**Tag: (Last line of “ending”)

              That is why I call her shine

              That is why I call her shine

Sequence of dance: Intro, 2 changes of figure (heads), break, 2 changes of figure (sides), ending, tag.


Four ladies make right hand skirt star and chain to opposite man who will courtesy turn them and put them on his right side to end facing center of square. New head (side) couples will go forward and back and do-sa-do right shoulder around opposite person to end in an ocean wave (girls in middle), then rock forward and back like in alamo style, ending in a line of four in the middle, each person facing in the same direction they were facing when new head (side) couple began working. The line will have alternate persons in the line facing in opposite directions. The line of four drops hands and those at the sides (heads) walk down the line to star through with opposite person. After the star through, everyone will be standing in front of original corner to do an allemande left and a right and left grand to end with original partner in the break.


Heads crosstrail through, go ‘round two persons to end in line of four (two men together, to ladies together). The lines walk forwad and back and then forward star through with opposite persona nd end two couples on one side of square (ladies on right side of man) facing two couples on other side of square (in a double pass through position). Just the inside couples pass through, then right and left through the outside two and a dive through, pass through, swing to end with original corner as new partner after the allemande left and do-sa-do.

Star Through – Man extends right hand to left hand of lady he is facing to make a palm star. Both walk forward with lady turning under joined hands in palm star and making 1/4 left fact turn to end standing on right side of man who has made 1/4 right face turn. Always start star through with opposite person and end with that person as a partner (on right of man)*, both facing same direction. *Unless a left star through, which is opposite.

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