(Gilbert, Hadler)

Dash record 2512A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2512B (Called by Virg Knackstedt)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of A, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Virg Knackstedt, Sidney, Nebraska

Copyright date unknown (either 1958 or 1959)


(The head (side) two couples promenade, go half way ‘round the square

Right & left thru you’re homeward bound and turn your lady fair

(Now) pass back thru and go ‘round one, come thru the side of the land

Square on thru three quarter ‘round, your corner allemande

(Go) back to your partner box the gnat, give her a pretty smile

(Go the) wrong way around in a right & left grand for just a little while

Box the gnat & promenade across that desert land

Go back home and swing & whirl along the whispering sand


Four little ladies promenade inside that big ole set

Do-sa-do your partner, but swing your corner pet

(Now) allemande left new corner girl, pass by the one you know

Promenade the next one, like you did so long ago

(Well the) heads (sides) wheel around, the sides (heads) backtrack, around that big ole ring

(The) hub stars right, the rim turns back, your partner left hand swing

(Now) corners all a right hand ‘round, and promenade the land

(And) tell her that old story of the shifting, whispering sand

Dance sequence: Break (heads), 2 changes of figure (heads), break (sides), 2 changes of figure (sides), break (heads)

Note: Each line of this dance will require 8 beats of music. Words in parenthesis ( ) that appear at the beginning of a line indicate words that are called on the upbeat of the music and they may be omitted if desired.

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