Dash record 2511A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2511B (Called by Earl Neff)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of F, Tempo 130 bpm

Original dance by Earl Neff, Las Vegas, Nevada

Copyright 1958


1. (Now) bow down to your partners, and sashay corners all

Join your hands and circle to the left, go half around the hall

Allemande left that corner, grand right and left you go

(Now) meet your honey, pull her by, let’s do a do-paso

(Well) – me and my big loud mouth

(Yeh) – me and my big loud mouth

(Now) take your corner, home you go, swing that pretty girl high and low

Me and my big loud mouth.


2. (Now) one and three go up and back, square thru go ‘round the track

All the way around and have a little fun, box the gnat with the outside one

Face to the left – do a right and left thru, box the gnat in front of you

Face to the left and swing and whirl, go once* around with the pretty little girl

Gents star left go once around the set

(Well you) promenade the gal that you just left (hey now (8th beat) you)

Promenade and don’t relax, you just got the well known ax

Me and my big loud mouth.

Note: Each line takes 8 beats of music. Words in parentheses indicate words to be called on “upbeat” except as noted above. These words are sometimes considered to be optional.


1, 2, 3 – same as 2

4 – same as opener, except first two lines

              Sashay ‘round your corner

              See-saw partners all.

5 – same as 2, using couples two and four

6 – repeat 5

Tag ending: (Yeh) Me and my big loud mouth.

Dance Description:

Opener – Bow to partners, do-sa-do (rt. shoulder) corner, join hands and circle left halfway around hall. Do an allemande left, a right and left grand ‘till you meet partner with rt hand again, pull her by, do a do-paso with original rt hand lady (turn her by the left forearm) walk around to corners with right forearm turn (corner at this time is the original partner you started with), back to girl you started do-paso, and turn another left forearm turn), walk around her and reach for corner with rt hands joined, girl makes rt face twirl under gent’s rt arm to end in promenade position (facing counter-clock-wise) with original partner you started the opener.

Figure – Do a full square thru, right to opposite, pull her by, (gents make rt face turn to face partner, ladies left-face to face partner), left to partner, pull her by, face opposite girl again, rt to her, pull her by, turn to face original partner again, left to her and pull her by and end the square thru, everyone facing original corner. Box the gnat (rt hands) and face that same girl. From here, the patter takes the form of a gimmick where calls are directed to gents as is common in square dancing. The two persons boxing the gnat will turn and face the couple next to them (or face to the middle) and do a rt and left thru. Gents will be courtesy turning the girl in the rt and left thru with whom they had just boxed the gnat. Remember, both persons faced to the middle after the box the gnat. After rt and left thru, facing those same two, box the gnat straight across again, then turn 1/4 to face that same original corner, swing her once*, let her roll off your right arm, gents star left once around, come back to promenade the same girl you swung. This make the dance progressive where you will get a new corner girl after completing one change of the figure.

*Note: This may be called as “twice” instead of “once” depending on local stying of the swing and roll-off, or the swing and twirl.

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