(Jad Paul, Freddy Morgan, Norman Malkin)

Dash record 2506A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2506B (Called by Bob Johnston)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys, featuring Jerry Allen, “Mr. Banjo”

Key of G, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Bob Johnston, Phoenix, Arizona

Copyright 1957

Introduction and break:

Allemande left your corner

Then promenade your own

Go walkin’ round the big ole ring

Don’t let ‘em roam

1 and 3 (2 and 4) you wheel around

Right and left thru you know

Turn ‘em right around, cross-trail thru

And to your corners go

Allemande left your corner

Do-sa-do at home

Then allemande left just once again

Come back, swing your own

You swing ‘em now, men star left

Go one time around

Come back home and promenade

Go round that ole town

You promenade your baby and

Go walkin’ ‘round the hall

To the banjo picker’s ball

Dance Pattern:

Now do-sa-do your corner

Swing your honey once around

Men star left out in the middle

Go one time around

Turn your partner right

Girls star left you know

Once around out in the middle

Get back home and do-sa-do

Just walk around your honey

Do a left allemande

Pass right by your baby

Swing the next one so grand

Then allemande left your corner

You box it once, and box it back

Then promenade the track

You promenade this baby

And you swing ‘em you all

To the banjo picker’s ball

Sequence of dance: Intro (1 and 3), 2 changes of pattern

                            Break (2 and 4), 2 changes of pattern

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