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 LS E-17 Topsy Turvy

Formation: Contra sets, each with 4 couples only, all the boys on the teacher's right, all the girls on the teacher's left. 
1- 8 Everybody forward and back – 3 steps and a bob-bow to partner, 4 steps back to place;
9-16 All turn partner by the right hand around;
17-24 All turn partner by the left hand around;
25-32 All do-sa-do with partner;
33-40 Lead couple, with near hands joined, walks down the middle and wheels to the right, to end below the line of boys, facing up the set with same hands joined raised into an arch;
41-48 Lead cpl arches over the boys to the top of the set, then wheels to the right to end above the line of girls, facing down the set with the same joined hands still forming an arch;
49-56 Same cpl arches over the girls to the bottom of the set, then wheels to the right to end facing up the set with hands joined, but lowered. Note that the boy is on the girls' side of the set and the girl is on the boys' side.
57-64 Lead cpl walks up the middle of the set and separates, to step into partner's original place; 
1-24 Lead cpl reels the set. (Use pigeon-wing hand holds; boy always turns girls, girl always turns boys.) Right with partner once around; left with the next below; back to the center with a right hand round partner; on to the next below with the left hand; right hand with partner; left with the next below; turn partner to face up the set, girl on boy's right;
25-32 Lead cpl walks up the center and into place in own line; all dancers face up in preparation for “follow the leader.”
33-40 Lead cpl separates, boy to the left, girl to the right, they dance down the outside, followed by their own lines; lead couple joins both hands at the foot of the set to form an arch;
41-48 Following couples dance under the arch and up the set to place, making three arches by joining both hands with partners;
49-56 Lead cpl dances under the arches and up the center of the set;
57-64 Lead cpl separates, turns out, and dances down the outside to end at the foot of the set in own line. 
Repeat with new top couple and each succeeding couple until all have been lead couple.


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