by Don Armstrong

Unfamiliar with dance cue terminology? Learn more here.

Dedicated to Gisela Brogle of Sternenberg, Switzerland

Music: "Glise a Sherbrooke," by Ralph Page's New Hampshire Orchestra, courtesy of The Kentucky Dance Foundation. 

Track 1, LS CD-1005, instrumental;

Track 2, LS CD-1005, prompted by Don Armstrong

Formation: Improper duple contra

The dance starts with the actives back to back in the center of the set, each holding hands with neighbors.

8 All sashay down8 Sashay back

16 With them balance and swing for the less energetic, a gypsy and swing works great caller's choice!

8 Two MEN chain across men give LEFT hands to each other, cross the set, turn that lady as in a wide allemande right, ending with that lady on the man's right hand side

8 Those four go forward and back

8 Right and left through

8 Circle left three-quarters, two's arch as actives dive under

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