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By Don Armstrong 

LS 311 

Formation: Contra lines, 1, 3, 5, etc., couples active and crossed over. 


1-8 ACTIVE COUPLES DOWN THE OUTSIDE; Actives dance down the outside of the set, passing below 2 inactive persons and into the center.

9-16 UP THE CENTER AND CAST OFF; Actives dance up to place and cast off with the couple who was below them. Progression has been made, actives have moved down one place in line, inactives up one place, all dancers in original lines.

17-24 WITH THE COUPLE ABOVE RIGHT AND LEFT THROUGH; Actives and the couple with whom they cast off right and left through across the set.

25-32 RIGHT AND LEFT THROUGH BACK; Same four right and left through back.

33-40 ALL FORWARD AND BACK; All take 3 short steps fwd, bow to partner on 4th count, 4 steps back to place in line.

41-48 WITH THE LADY ON THE RIGHT DO SA DO; M turn 1/4 R-face to face the lady on their R (W turn L-face) and do sa do.

49-64 WITH THEM SLOW SQUARE THROUGH; Those dancers (the same foursome who did the right and left through), using 4 counts per hand, do a full square through, 16 counts. The actives will end facing out to continue in motion down the outside of the set to start the next sequence of the dance as the inactives simply turn in place. 

To cue this dance:

INTRO - - - -, Actives down the outside,

1-8  - - Below two, into the center and up,

9-16  - - Cast off, - - Right and left through,

17-24  - - - -, - - Right and left back,

25-32  - - - -, - - All forward and back,

33-40  - - - -, Face lady on right and do sa do,

41-48  - - - -, Face her and slow square through,

49-56  - - - -, - - - -,

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