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By Don Armstrong 

LS 197 

Formation: Contra lines, 1, 3, 5, etc., couples active and crossed over. 


1-8 ACTIVES CENTER AND GO DOWN IN FOURS; Actives go to the center of the set, face down the set, join inside hands with each other and then the free hand with the ones below, all facing down the set in lines of four. Lines dance down the set 6 short steps, turning individually on counts 7 and 8 to face up the set.

9-16 BACK TO PLACE AND CAST OFF; Lines dance back to place in 4 steps and cast off in 4 steps. Progression has been made.

17-24 THOSE FOUR LEFT HAND STAR; Actives and the ones they cast off with, L hand star once around.

25-32 RIGHT HAND STAR AND INACTIVE MAN DROP OUT AT HOME; Same four dancers star R around to place; as they do so the inactive M drops into his pace in his line. The other three dancers (active couple and the inactive W) form a circle of three at the inactive W's pos in preparation for the next call.

33-40 WITH THE LADY BALANCE THREE; With hands joined in a circle of three all bal, stepping first on the L and swinging the R across in front and then the other way and repeating both for a total of 8 beats (twice each side).

41-48 THOSE THREE CIRCLE LEFT AND INACTIVE LADY DROPS OUT AT HOME; Same there dancers circle L and as they do so the inactive W drops out into her place in line and the active couple forms a circle of three with the inactive M in his pos in his line.

49-56 WITH THE MAN BALANCE THREE; Bal as in 33-40 above.

57-64 THOSE THREE CIRCLE LEFT; Circle once around leaving the inactive M in his pos and ending with the actives in the center, W on man's R side ready to form a line of four with the next inactive couple below. 

To prompt this dance:

Intro - - - -, Actives center then down in fours,

1-8 - - - -, Turn alone come back to place,

9-16 - - Cast off, same four left hand star,

17-24 - - - -, - - Right hand star,

25-32 - - - -, Inactive man drop out others balance in threes,

33-40 - - - -, Those three circle left,

41-48 - - - -, Inactive lady drop out, with the man balance three,

49-56 - - - -, Those there circle left,

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