By Don Armstrong

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Music: “Marmaduke's Hornpipe,” played by The Heartlanders, 

Track 8, LS CD-1001 (instrumental); Track 8, LS CD-1002 (prompted by Don Armstrong), and Side B, LS E-68 (instrumental). 

Formation: Duple improper contra 

8 Active couples join hands in a circle of THREE with the next man down the set (the man “below”) and balance in and out TWICE

8 Those three circle left once around, ending with the active couples joining hands with the next lady down the set (the lady “below”)

8 The new circles of three balance in and out TWICE

8 Those three circle RIGHT once around ending, actives in the center of a line of four, facing down

8 Fours dance down the set (6 short steps) turn alone (2) and rejoin hands in a line of four facing up

8 Fours dance up the set (4 steps) actives cast off (4)

16 Actives balance and swing in the center. 

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