O. A. T. A. REEL 

A duple improper contra dance written by Roger Whynot.

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Record: LS 325/326

     1-8  DO-SA-DO BELOW
     Ones face twos and do-sa-do (neighbor).
     9-12 STAR THROUGH
     Those who did the do-sa-do then "star through" to change
     places, facing across the set with near hands joined (women
     use L, men use R).
          13-16     CIRCLE HALFWAY ROUND
     With the dancers across the set (two couples), circle four
     halfway round.
          17-20     BALANCE PARTNER
     All bal partner (across the set).
          21-32     SWING PARTNER
     All swing partners and end with ones (actives) facing down,
     others up.
          33-40     LADIES CHAIN
     The ladies chain up and/or down the set.
          41-48     CHAIN BACK
     Same ladies chain back.
          49-56     RIGHT AND LEFT THROUGH
     Right and left through up and/or down the set.
     All promenade completely around the couple with whom
     they did the right and left through and continue, passing
     them, so that the ones (actives) move down the set one
     place and the twos (inactives) move up the set one place.
     Progression has been made.

To prompt this dance:
          Intro:           , With the one below do sa do;
     1-8         , With them star through;
     9-16     Circle half,     balance partners;
          17-24         Partner swing,        ;
          25-32            , Face up and down ladies chain;
          33-40            ,     Chain back;
          41-48            , Same four right and left through;
          49-56             , Promenade round them on to the next;
          57-64            ,     (Do sa do below).

As the dancers learn the dance, less prompting is necessary:

          57-64            ,       Do sa do;
     1-8         ,     Star through;
     9-16     Circle half,     balance and swing;
          17-24            ,        ;
          25-32            ,     Ladies chain;
          33-40            ,       Back;
          41-48            ,     Right and left through;
          49-56            ,     Promenade and progress;
          57-64            ,       Do sa do.

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