Adapted by Bob Howell from a dance by Frank Kaltman

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LS 183, prompted by Bob Howell; LS 184, instrumental

Formation: Two concentric circles of couples (couple facing couple), lady on man's right. Note: In this formation, one circle is facing the center of the hall, the other circle has its back to the center of the hall.




8 LEFT HAND STAR – once around with opposite couple,

8 RIGHT HAND STAR – once around with opposite couple,

THEN with the man in the lead, single file, WALK. Note that at this point, the concentric circles are moving in opposite directions. The inside circle walks LOD, outside circle walks RLOD. GET READY TO START SINGING.

8 MARCH - in single file. (Sing through the next 32 counts.)

"We are marching to Pretoria….." Reverse direction.

8 MARCH THE OTHER WAY BACK - back to the same couple with whom you started. "Pretoria, Pretoria,"

8 RIGHT AND LEFT THRU WITH THE OPPOSITE COUPLE –"and we are marching to Pretoria,"

8 PASS THROUGH WITH THE OPPOSITE COUPLE – "Pretoria Hooray" …..and couples wheel to the left.

Note: The "Pass Through and Wheel to the Left" to face a new couple, is all accomplished in the last 8 counts and a progression has taken place. Start the dance over, facing a new couple next in line in the facing circle. Repeat to the end of the music.

The "Marching to Pretoria" chorus takes 32 counts. You finish it as you wheel to face the new opposite couple. The chains and stars also take 32 counts, which you dance without vocalizing.

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