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LS E-18

Formation: Contra lines, all the boys on the teacher's right, all the girls on the teacher's left. First, third, fifth, etc. couples are designated ACTIVE and they face the foot of the set; second, fourth, sixth, etc. couples are designated INACTIVE and they face the head of the set.



1- 8 Active couples circle four to the left with the couple below;

9-16 Circle to the right, ending in original position;

17-24 The same four make a right hand star;

25-32 Left hand star, ending in original position;

33-40 Actives separate from their partners and walk down the OUTSIDE of the set toward the foot;

41-48 Still on the outside, actives walk back to place;

49-56 Actives move into the center and ALL face down the set; actives join hands with each other and the free hand with the inactives to make a line of four (the same people with whom they have just danced the circles and stars). This line of four has two boys on the right and two girls on the left. The fours walk toward the foot of the set for six counts; on the last two counts of the phrase actives raise joined hands to form an arch;

57-64 The ends of the line of four (the inactives) turn in under the arch, face the head of the set, join inside hands and release hands of the active couple. The active couples remain facing down the set, reach forward, and take the free hands of the next inactive couple coming to them and with them walk backward toward the head of the set, the active couple walking BACKWARD. (The first inactive couple walks up alone and takes position at the head of the set. This couple will wait out one complete sequence of the dance and will start as an ACTIVE couple on the third sequence.)

Note that the actives and inactives are already properly paired to begin the dance with "Active couples circle four to the left with the couple below." When an active couple reaches the foot, that couple automatically becomes INACTIVE and waits for an active couple with whom to dance.

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