by Don Armstrong

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Named for Ron and Brita Harriers of Bergish-Gladbach, Germany.

Music: "The Earl of Errol Medley," by The Flying Scotsmen.

Track 3, LS CD-1005,instrumental;

Track 4, LS CD-1005, prompted by Don Armstrong

Formation: Triple proper contra in four couple sets

Note: Dance (and music) is 96 counts (48 bars) long!

Each active couple will dance the pattern twice, then go to the foot of the set.

Part AA:

16 Actives and next two couples below, circle six to the left, full around

8 Actives in the center make a line of four with the couple below and dance down the set 4 steps. Then the actives wheel turn as a couple (CW) while the others turn alone to rejoin hands in the line of four facing up the set (4)

8 The line dances 4 steps up the set to place. Then the actives cross (lady first) up and around the ends of that line of four and cast off, unassisted, ending progressed one place and in proper long lines (4)

Part BB: (*)

16 Actives go into the center, gypsy around each other, and then each swings his/her first corner (original right-opposite person)

16 Actives return to the center, gypsy around each other and then each swings his/her second corner (original left-opposite person)

Part CC:

16 Actives balance and swing in the center, ending with lady on man's right sidefacing the next couple below (couple #3 of the circle of six)

8 Actives dance down through that couple with a half figure of eight, ending in proper long lines, having progressed one place, as they were at the end of Part AA

8 All then two-hand turn partners once around (CW) finishing just in time for the actives to form new circles of six to start

(*) The pattern in Part BB (gypsy and swing contra corners) was devised by Don Armstrong in February, 1999.

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