The dance was given to Don by Mae Fraley, who found it in an "unnamed collection, British Museum, circa 1802."

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The music is Neuduetscher, edited for this recording by Don's son, affectionately known as "Shorty."

LS 333/334 Prompted by Don Armstrong/ flip instrumental

Formation: Duple Proper Contra. Note: In this waltz contra the space between the dancers in EACH LINE should be slightly greater, while the spacing between lines remains normal.


Intro: All bow to partners,

1- 4 Actives and the couple below make a right hand star,

5- 8 Same four left hand star,

9-12 Actives (both hands joined), in canter rhythm, 4 slides down center of set,

13-16 Actives slide two steps up the center, backing into place just below the couple with whom they made the stars, bow to each other on Meas. 4, (slide, slide, back-away, bow),

[It is very important that the inactive dancers, with slightly smaller steps, do exactly the same thing simultaneously, i.e., slide-up, slide-up, back-away, bow, making a spot for the actives to back into. Progression has now been made.]

17-20 All step toward partner, join R hands as they balance together and apart, (retain R hand hold) cross to other side passing R shoulders, end facing partner (together, touch -; apart, touch, -; cross, - , -; step, touch, -;) ,(This is NOT a box the gnat)

21-24 Repeat Meas. 17-20 using L hands/passing L shoulders to return to place,

25-28 All M cross, moving diagonally right to W who is just below their partner and turn her with R hands joined (shoulder high for the W, M palms up, NOT pigeon-wing), looking at each other and just far enough apart to dance the action comfortably and gracefully in 12 waltz steps,

[In Meas. 25-32 both turns are full around and both occur in the W's line]

29-32 All M then turn partners with L hands joined and using the same style as in Meas. 25-28 and return to their own line in a position to start the dance again with a new couple.

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