By Don Armstrong

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LS E-41, Side A. Track 1, instrumental; track 2, prompted by Don Armstrong.

Formation: Contra lines. 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc., couples active and crossed over. There should be an EVEN NUMBER of couples in each set as this dance provides both "double progression" and an "automatic crossover" at the head and foot of the set.


1- 8 WITH PARTNERS HEEL AND TOE DOWN AND UP All join both hands with partners and heel and toe down the set, then up the set,

9-16 HEEL AND TOE DOWN AND UP Repeat 1-8,

17-24 PARTNER DO SA DO. End by backing up in own line and facing corner.

25-32 ALL SWING CORNERS. End in line of four facing down the set.


41-48 COME UP TO PLACE, BEND THE LINE AND BACK OUT INTO LONG LINES. Progression is now complete, as actives are now down one position and inactives are up one position in the set.

49-56 ALL PASS THRU AND TURN ALONE - All cross to other side, passing right shoulders with partners, and turn to face partners across the set,

57-64 WITH THE LADY ON THE RIGHT PROMENADE ACROSS. Men look toward their right (ladies look toward their left) and take that lady in promenade position and promenade as-a-couple across the set (men passing left shoulders). Cpls then wheel turn to face original partners across the set. Note: At this point a SECOND progression has occurred (actives have moved down one more position, etc.) Also note that the dancers AT THE END OF THE LINES had no other dancer with whom to "promenade across." This is correct, and constitutes an automatic cross over." All face and join hands with partners across the set to start the dance again.

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