By Don Armstrong

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A contemporary contra in traditional style, dedicated to Charles Cyril (Chip) Hendrickson of Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Music: "Allemand Swiss," (circa 1765), courtesy of The Hendrickson Group. 

Track 5, LS CD-1004, instrumental; Track 6, LS CD-1004, prompted by Don Armstrong

Formation: Triple proper contra, best danced in four-couple proper contra sets. Each active couple dances the figure twice and moves to the foot of the set

8 Ones left shoulder dosado with twos, and pass them by

8 Ones right shoulder dosado with threes, and with them

8 Ones and threes right hand star

8 Ones and twos left hand star

16 Ones down, hey for three, starting right shoulder with threes

8 Ones and threes circle left, once around

8 Ones two hand turn partners (CW) once around

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