by Don Armstrong

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Music: "Darling Nellie," by Bob Hill's Canadian Country Boys. Track 5, LS CD-1005, instrumental; Track 6, LS CD-1005, prompted by Don Armstrong

Formation: Improper duple contra8 Neighbors LEFT shoulder do sa do8 Those four circle RIGHT

8 (As couples) all slant (veer) right, then left all will move diagonally forward and to their right, then forward and to their left to pass the couple with whom they had just danced to face the next couple. Couples reaching the head or foot of the set at this time do NOT cross over but simply turn alone and face towards the set.

8 Star right with the next END FACING ORIGINAL NEIGHBOR16 Neighbors balance and swing8 Half promenade across

8 Ladies lead (right hand), HALF handed hey for four across all pass just TWO dancers, ladies using right then left hands, men using first their left, then right hands.

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