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LS E-38, Side A. Track 1, instrumental; track 2, cued by Don Armstrong

Formation: Trios facing trios around a circle, alternate trios facing LOD.



l-16 CIRCLE SIX TO THE LEFT Trios join hands in a circle with the trio they are facing and circle left 16 steps (full around).

17-32 CIRCLE TO THE RIGHT Same six circle right full around with 16 steps.


(8 counts) Center dancers of each trio turn each other with right elbows just far enough around to turn the right opposite dancer by the left elbow, then:

(8 counts) Center dancers turn each other with right elbows just far enough to turn the left opposite with the left elbow and return to own trios.

49-56 TRIOS ADVANCE AND RETIRE All dance forward and back in 8 steps ending by turning individually one-quarter right-face in place.

57-64 TRIOS MARCH AROUND AND PROGRESS TO NEXT Trios march in single file CCW around opposite trio to that trio's place and, by turning again individually one-quarter right-face in place, end facing a new trio to begin again.

Notes: (1) When "turning the opposites," some dance groups prefer to use a pigeon-wing hand hold.

(2) Traditionally, each trio was composed of a man between two ladies, but any combination of people is now acceptable.

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