(Alley Cat Routine) 

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LS E-16 

Formation: No partners, children in lines facing the teacher. 
Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-2 = 4 counts)
1- 2 With weight on left foot, touch R toe to R side, bring it back to touch R toe alongside left foot, touch R to R side again, bring R foot back to place and stand on it; repeat with opposite footwork;
3- 4 Repeat Meas. 1-2, except that toe is touched straight back instead of to the side (twice with each foot);
5- 6 Lift R knee diagonally over L, bring R foot back and touch toe to floor, lift R knee diagonally over L again, return R foot to floor and stand on it; repeat with opposite knee;
7- 8 Lift R knee diagonally over, stand on R foot; lift L knee diagonally over R, stand (weight now on both feet); clap hands once, pause, jump and turn ¼  to the right.  
1- 2 To the right, to the right; to the left, to the left;
3- 4 Back right, back right; back left, back left;
5- 6 Right knee, right knee; left knee, left knee;
7- 8 Right knee, left knee; clap….turn. 
The dance goes through 8 times, plus Ending as follows: 
To the right, to the left, back right, back left, right knee, left knee, clap, and turn. 
Note: This routine is also done to the music of “Alley Cat,” “Popcorn,” and several other tunes.

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