A double circle mixer for couples by Ede Butlin, of Toronto,

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Record: LS 3302

Music: Medley "Git Along Little Dogies" and "The Streets of

Formation: Couple facing couple in two circles, an inner circle
facing outward and an outer circle facing inward.

Footwork: Opposite throughout, man begins L foot.

          Intro:    4 measures of 3/4 time. Wait 2 measures, 
          partner, acknowledge opposite.

     1-4  BALANCE FWD,  ,  ; BALANCE BACK,  ,  ; STAR
     THROUGH, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6
     Couples with inside hands joined, as in Spanish Circle,
     balance fwd on man's L, and hold 2 counts; balance bwd on
     man's R and hold 2 counts; star through in 6 counts: the
     lady gives her L hand into the R hand of the opposite man,
     and turns R-face under his R arm in 6 steps, so that they
     change partners and end facing along the circle instead of
     across it, in a position 1/4 from where they started.
     progressing around the small square 1/4 each time, until
     couples are back in their original positions.
          17-20     CIRCLE LEFT for four measures (12 steps), joining 
          with the opposite couple.
          21-24     STAR LEFT   all four L-hand star, for four 
measures, back
          to original position.
          25-28     HALF PROMENADE     (SWEEP WIDE). In skirt
          skater's pos, couples exchange places with each other (men
          pass L shoulders), sweeping out so as to take up the full
          four measures of waltz time to come into pos to face in the
          opposite direction from where they started.
          29-30     FACE THOSE TWO AND PASS THROUGH. Couples on
          the inside (backs to COH) pass between the outside couple,
          as each couple goes back to their original circle.
          31-32     TURN ALONE AND TAKE A NEW GIRL. As the
          couples end the "pass through" each dancer turns
          individually, to face either COH or the wall again   the
          direction they were facing at the beginning of the dance.
          Each lady is now on the wrong side   the L side   of her
          partner, so the man on her L becomes her new partner,
          ready to repeat the dance. A "cast-off" has taken place. In
          the outside circle, the ladies progress CW and the men
          CCW. In the inside circle this situation is reversed. NOTE:
          In "turn alone" partners turn away from each other.

SEQUENCE: The entire dance is done four times, with a change of
partners each time. It is not necessary to waltz, a running step will
do. Expert dancers may waltz throughout.

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