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LS E-17 (Danish Schottische)

Formation: Lines of three in LOD facing three in RLOD, in a large circle around the hall. Hands joined in sets of six.

Basic Step

Step, step, step, hop; step, step, step, hop;

Step, step, step, hop; stamp, stamp, stamp.


Meas. (4 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 16 counts)

1- 4 All starting with the left foot and using the basic stamp, circle six to the left and turn to face right on the three stamps;

5- 8 Using the same step, circle six to the right and turn to face original direction on the three stamps;

(Continue using the basic step except for the clapping sequence.)

9-12 Center dancer turns right-hand partner once around with the right hand, and faces left-hand partner on the three stamps;

13-16 Center dancer turns left-hand partner with left hand. All finish in original position on the three stamps, hands joined in each line of three.

17-20 Without letting go of hands, center dancer and right-hand partner raise joined hands to form an arch. As the left-hand partner dives under the arch, the right-hand person moves forward around the center, who turns under his own arm, and all end facing the opposite direction with a stamp, stamp, stamp;

21-24 Repeat Meas. 17-20, with the left-hand partner making the arch with the center and the right-hand partner diving under; end in original positions with a stamp, stamp, stamp;

25-28 Drop hands, center dancer clap own hands together, both hands with right-hand partner, own together, both with left-hand partner; own together, both with right-hand partner; all clap own hands three times.

29-32 Join hands in lines of three. Moving diagonally to the right and then diagonally to the left, the lines of three pass each other to face a new line of three, using the basic step and ending with a stamp, stamp, stamp.

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