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English Folk Dance 
LS E-11 

Formation: Double circle of sets of two couples, facing LOD. In each set #1 couple stands in front of #2. A lilting walking step in used throughout. Number the couples #1 and #2 clockwise around the circle before beginning. The couples need not be boy-girl. 

Meas. (2 counts per measure; i.e., l-8 = 16 counts) 
1- 8 Join hands with partner and walk forward 16 steps;
9-12 Couple #1, each person turning individually, turns back to face #2. Those four join hands in a right hand star, and walk 8 steps clockwise;
13-16 Change to a left hand star and walk 8 steps counterclockwise; on the last step couple #1 faces forward, taking original position;
17-24 Couple #2 forms an arch with inside hands, walks forward over #1 while #1 moves backward under the arch, all with four steps;
Repeat with couple #1 forming the arch and #2 backing under;
Repeat with couple #2 forming the arch and #1 backing under;
WAIT!....until the music says “walk forward.”
The couples have now changed places, and the #1's are in front of new #2's. 
Note: Remember:
#1 always retains that number! 
#1 always turns back into a right hand star! 
#1 always backs under the arch first!

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