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LS E-36, Side A. Track 3, instrumental; track 4, brief cues

Formation: Lines or couples.

Position: In lines, arm around waist of adjacent partners. In couples, varsouvianna promenade position. All start on left foot.



l- 4 POINT FRONT, POINT SIDE, IN-BACK, STEP, CLOSE,HOLD All point left foot forward, and to side (2 counts) then cross left foot in back of right, step right on right, close left to right, and hold (2 counts).

5- 8 POINT FRONT, POINT SIDE, IN-BACK, STEP, CLOSE, HOLD Repeat counts l-8 in opposite direction with opposite footwork.

9-12 FORWARD, TWO, THREE, FOUR Move forward with four slow steps.

13-16 LEAN-BACK, LEAN-FORWARD, STAMP, TWO, THREE, HOLD With weight on right foot, lean way back extending left foot forward in the air. Lean way forward extending left foot back and touch (2 counts). Then stamp three times (L,R,L) in place and hold with weight on left foot (2 counts).

1-16 Repeat entire dance with opposite footwork, starting with right foot pointing to front and side, etc.

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