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North German Mixer, "The Gypsy Polka"

LS E-19

Formation: Double circle facing LOD.

Measures: (2 counts per meas., i.e., 1-8 = 16 counts)

1- 8 Eight polka steps in LOD, face-to-face and back-to-back, OR closed position polka steps. End facing partner, M's back to center.

9-10 M bow and W curtsey with a mock flourish to partner.

11-12 Repeat to the person diagonally to the R.

13-14 Repeat to the person diagonally to the L.

15-16 Bow again to partner.

17 Clap hands with partner on count one. Clap own hands on count two while moving one place to the left to face a new person.

18-24 Continue thus, clapping with a new person on every measure. Keep the eighth person as your new partner, and begin the dance again.

Note: The fanciful bows and curtsies in this dance are said to have come from the gypsies and peasants mocking the upper classes.

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