Czechoslovakian Dance for Threes 

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LS E-9   

Formation: Lines of three, preferably one boy in the middle with two girls, or one girl in the middle with two boys; facing LOD, near hands joined. 
Meas. (4 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 16 counts) 
l- 4 All walk forward in a leisurely manner for 16 steps;
5-6 Center dancer hooks right elbows with right-hand partner, and they turn once or twice around with 8 skipping steps or running steps; 
7- 8 Repeat Meas. 5-6 with center dancer turning left-hand partner with left elbows hooked. 
After several repetitions, put a different person in the center of the line. After several more repetitions, put the third person in the center. 
After the dance is learned, let the center dancer move forward each time to dance with a new pair of partners. 
Note: On Meas. 1-4 the children are imitating workers walking home after a hard day in the wheat fields. On Meas. 5-8, they are imitating the workers celebrating the harvest.

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