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LS E-19

Polish Folk Dance for Three

Formation: Trios, boy between two girls, holding their inside hands shoulder high; girls holding their skirts with outside hands. Trios stand one behind the other in one or two columns, facing the head of the hall. Inside hands are joined at all times unless the figure indicates otherwise; girls hold skirts with outside hands at all times unless the figure indicates otherwise. The melody has two parts: "A" in slow ¾ time and "B" in fast 2/4 time.


Meas. Figure I, Melody "A", 3 counts per meas.; i.e., 1= 3 cts

1 All step on R foot on bent knee diagonally to R (ct 1), swing L leg, with knee slightly bent, across in front, rising onto ball of R foot (ct 2), come down again (ct 3);

2 Repeat action of Meas. 1 with opposite footwork and direction;

3- 4 Repeat action of Meas. 1-2;

5 Step fwd on R, touch L beside R, hold;

6 Step fwd on L, close R to L, hold; end with weight on both feet;

7- 8 Boy bows to right-hand girl; then to left-hand girl; girls bow back to boy;

9-16 Repeat Meas. 1-8, except on Meas. 13-14 (repeat of 5-6), move backward instead of forward.

Figure II, Melody "B", 2 cts per meas.; i.e., 1-3 = 6 cts.

l- 3 Boy claps hands, then hooks R elbow with right-hand girl and in six steps they turn once around CW, beginning on the R foot. (During the elbow turn boy's free hand is extended diagonally up and to the side and girl's free hand is placed on her hip.) Meanwhile the left-hand girl turns alone in 6 steps, CCW, while clapping hands;

4 All do three quick stamps in place, facing fwd;

5- 8 Repeat Meas. l-4 except boy turns left-hand girl CCW with left elbow, beginning on L foot, and right-hand girl turns CW;

9-16 Repeat Meas. 1-8.

Figure III, Melody "A"

1- 2 Repeat Meas. l-2 of Figure I;

3- 4 All moving to R, step, -, close; step, -, touch; leaving L foot free;

5- 8 Repeat Meas. l-4 with opposite footwork and direction;

9-16 Repeat Meas. 1-8

Figure IV, Melody "B"

1- 7 Trios form own circle and with 14 running steps, beginning R foot, circle CCW;

8 All do three quick stamps in place;

9-16 Repeat Meas. 1-8 with opposite footwork and direction.

Figure V, Melody "A"

1- 2 Repeat Meas. 1-2 of Figure I;

3- 4 6-step grapevine right; side step R, cross L in front, step R foot R, cross L in back, step R foot R, close L beside R without taking weight;

5- 8 Repeat Meas. 1-4 with opposite footwork and direction;

9-16 Repeat Meas. 1-8.

Figure VI, Melody "B"

1- 3 All clasp their own hands behind their backs and in 6 small running or skipping or steps, beginning R foot, boy moves forward, girls move backward;

4 All stamp three times in place;

5- 8 Repeat Meas. l-4, but with boy moving backward and girls moving forward;

9-16 Repeat Meas. l-8.

Figure VII, Melody "A"

1-16 Repeat Figure III. R-hand girl puts weight on R foot to have L free for next figure.

Figure VIII, Melody "B"

1- 2 Without releasing hands, both girls roll inward (right-hand girl L-face, left-hand girl R-face) ending with all three facing forward in a close arm-wrapped position (girls take three steps and hold);

3- 4 Still without releasing hands girls roll outward (right-hand girl R-face, left-hand girl L-face) with 2 steps and three stamps;

5-16 Repeat Meas. 1-4 three more times.

Figure IX, Melody "A"

1-16 Repeat Figure I.

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