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LS E-2 

Formation: A single circle, facing the center, hands joined. 
Verse 1.  Hand in hand you see us well,
Creep like a snail into its shell;
Ever nearer, ever nearer,
Ever closer, ever closer,
Very snug indeed you dwell,
Snail within your tiny shell. 
Verse 2. Hand in hand you see us well,
Creep like a snail out of its shell;
Ever farther, ever farther,
Ever wider, ever wider,
Who'd have thought this little shell
Could have held us all so well.
A leader is chosen, and during the first verse that child drops hands with the person on one side of him and leads the others in a spiral toward the center so that they resemble a snail crawling into its shell. 
During the second verse the line reverses and the child at the other end of the line leads the children out to their original places. 
Note: A short walking step is used. Repeat first verse if necessary until all are in the snail's shell. Then repeat the second verse until all are back in the circle. 
This is a particularly charming and precious folk tune. Many songs and games have been set to it and it is the theme of a movement of one of Haydn's symphonies.

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