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LS E-3 

Formation: Single circle facing center, several players outside the circle
Verse 1.  Go round and round the village,
Go round and round the village,
Go round and round the village,
As we have done before. 
Verse 2. Go in and out the windows…..
Verse 3. Now stand and face your partners…..
Verse 4. Now kneel to show you love them….
Verse 5. Now follow me to London….
Verse 6. Shake hands before you leave me…. 
Verse 1.  All children in the circle raise their hands above their heads, touching their fingertips together to represent the roof of a house in the village. The players on the outside skip around in LOD.
Verse 2. The circle raises joined hands to make arches or windows. Players on the outside weave to the right, in and out the windows, finishing inside the circle on the last note.
Verse 3. The free players select partners from the circle and face them as they sing and clap own hands.
Verse 4. The inner players kneel on one knee and make motions with hands clasped to heart to show their love.
Verse 5. The chosen players follow the free players as they weave in and out, then move outside and skip around hand in hand.
Verse 6. The free players and their chosen partners shake hands; at the end of the phrase the chosen players remain outside to start the dance as the others return to the circle.

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