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LS E-4

Formation: Single circle, hands joined


Meas. (6/8 time, 2 strong counts per meas.; i.e., 1-8 = 16 counts)

l- 8 Here we go Looby Loo, here we go Looby Light,

Here we go Looby Loo all on a Saturday night.

9-16 I put my right hand in, I take my right hand out,

I give my right hand a shake, shake, shake,

And turn myself about.

Repeat from the beginning, substituting the following body parts in Meas. 9-16.

I put my left hand inů..

I put my right foot inů..

I put my left foot inů..

I put my little head inů..

I put my whole self inů..

Finish with chorus ľ Meas. 1-8


1- 8 Players skip, walk, or run around the circle, in LOD.

9-16 Players stand facing center of circle and pantomime the actions suggested by each verse.

Note: The children are checking the temperature of the bath water before taking their Saturday night bath!

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