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Mexican Folk Dance

LS E-8

Formation: Double circle, partners facing, boys on inside, girls on outside, hands on hips.


Meas. (4 counts per meas.; i.e., 1= 4 counts)

1 Hop on left, placing right heel forward, Spring into air, reversing positions of feet, Change feet again, placing right heel forward, pause;

2 Repeat the three actions of Meas. 1, starting with left heel forward, and pause;

3- 4 Repeat Meas. l-2: three actions, pause; three actions, pause;

5- 8 Repeat Meas. l-4.

9-16 Clap own hands once, hook right elbows with partner, and skip around (or run with tiny steps) 16 steps. Clap hands again, hook left elbows and skip (or run) around 16 steps in the opposite direction.


On the fourth count of each of Meas. 1-8, clap own hands twice, quickly, on each "pause."

At end of Meas. 16, the girls may move LOD to a new partner.

Note: When elbows are hooked for the skip (or run), raise the opposite arms with hands high.

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