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LS E-10

Formation: Couples in double circle with both hands joined, boys' backs to center.


Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-2 = 4 counts)

l-2 Jump, jump; jump, Jim Jo;

3-4 Take a little whirl and around you go;

5-6 Slide, slide, and stamp just so;

7-8 You're a sprightly little fellow,

When you jump, Jim Jo.

(Alternate words for Meas. 7-8: Then you take another partner; And you jump, Jim Jo.)


1-2 Dancers move to the side in LOD with two slow jumps; followed by three quick jumps in place;

3-4 Drop hands, each turns in place with four slow jumps, or, if preferred, with 8 tiny running steps;

5-6 Rejoin hands and move in LOD with 2 slow slides, then stamp three times;

7-8 Each dancer moves to his/her own right in four light running steps and jumps three times in front of new partner.


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