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LS E-1

Formation: A single circle, or standing beside desks


Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 8 counts)

1- 4 I am a jolly musician, from Flanders I have come,

5- 8 I can play sweet music upon my little drum;

9-10 D-rr-r-um dum-dum, d-rr-r-um dum-dum,

11-12 D-rr-r-um dum-dum, d-rr-r-um dum-dum,

13-16 Skipping and playing, everywhere straying,

17-18 D-rr-r-um dum-dum, dum-dee.


1- 8 All face LOD and walk, singing,

9-12 Face the center and pantomime the playing of the instrument;

13-16 Skip in LOD, singing

17-20 Face the center and repeat the pantomime.

Note: Teach the song before the action. The theme of the music is played several times. The instruments can be suggested by the entire group, or a number of children, in the center of the circle, can each take a turn in selecting an instrument and acting as leader.

Some suggested instruments: Violin Fiddle-dee-dee, etc.
Clarinet Doodle-dee-doo, etc.
Accordion Squeeze-squeeze, etc.
Guitar Str-r-um, str-r-um, etc.
If standing beside desks wind in and out when walking or skipping.

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