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LS E-10

Formation: Partners in a double circle, facing LOD, inside hands joined, boys on inside, girls on outside. One or more odd players in the center.


Jolly is the miller who lives by the mill,

And the wheel goes around with a right good will,

One hand in the hopper, and the other in the sack,

The girl steps forward, and the boy steps back.


Walk around the circle while singing the first three lines. On the last line, the girls step forward and the boys step back, thus changing partners. When the children have learned this well, the extra player(s) standing in the center try to get a partner when the change is made. If they are successful, the ones left without a partner go to the center. 

Note: The "hopper" is the storage bin for the ground meal. The farmer takes the meal from the hopper and places it in the sack. The children can pantomime this as they dance.

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