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LS E-10

Formation: Any number of couples standing in two rows, facing another line of couples. partners stand one behind the other so that there are actually four rows. There should be a space of about four feet between the two lines of couples. The dancers on the inside row have hands on hips and are the Number Ones; the dancers in the outside row, the Number Twos, place their hands on the shoulders of the partner in front.


Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-2 = 4 counts)
1- 2  I see you; I see you;
3- 4 Tra, la, la, la, la, la, la, la;
5- 6 I see you; I see you;
7- 8 Tra, la, la, la, la, la.
9-16 You see me; and I see you;
You take me; and I'll take you;
You see me; and I see you;
You take me; and I'll take you.
1- 2 Number Twos do a peek-a-boo by looking over left shoulder at opposite Number Two; peek-a-boo over right shoulder;
3- 4 Quickly peek left, right, left;
5- 6 Peek-a-boo right; peek-a-boo left;
7- 8 Quickly peek right, left, right;
9-12 All clap hands sharply once and the Number Twos, passing by left shoulder of partner, run forward to meet their opposite Number Two, grasp hands and skip around each other. (Number Ones back out to make room.)
13-16 Clap hands again and turn to own partner, join both hands and skip around.
Finish in reversed positions so that the Number Twos are now in front and they become the Number Ones, and those who were the Numbers Ones are now the Number Twos.

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