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LS E-2 
Formation: Single circle, hands joined, with one child in the center to be “Sister Annie” or “Brother Andy.” 

Hippity-hop to the barber shop  : All skip in LOD.
To buy a stick of candy. 
One for you, and one for me,  :  Those in the circle stop, face center
And one for Sister Annie :  and point to someone else in the circle, to themselves, and then to Sister Annie. 
Sister Annie then chooses a boy to be “Brother Andy.” He goes to the center and the game is repeated.  
Note: If the children wonder why one should go to the barber shop for a stick of candy, remind them that is where candy used to be sold before we had stores and have them notice how many modern barber shops have for a sign a huge peppermint stick in red and white.

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