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American Hand Jive   
LS E-14 

Formation: Children seated, or standing in a circle facing center, or in lines facing the teacher. 

Meas. (4 counts per measure; i.e., 1 4 counts)
1 Slap hands on knees twice, clap hands twice;
2 Rotate right hand over left hand twice with palms down,
rotate left hand over right hand twice with palms down;
3 Pound right fist on left fist twice, pound left fist on right twice;
4 Pound left fist under right elbow twice, pound right fist under left elbow twice;
5- 8 Repeat all of above.
9 Make swimming motion (crawl stroke) with right arm (2 counts), then with left arm (2 counts);
10 Make backstroke swimming motion with right arm (2 counts), then with left arm (2 counts);
11 Make motion of twirling a lasso with right arm, 4 times;
12 Twirl lasso with left arm, 4 times;
13 Make motion of hitchhiking with right arm, thumb extended (4 counts);
14 Hitchhike with left arm, thumb extended (4 counts);
15 Make motion of catching a fly (2 counts), place the fly on the opposite hand (2 counts);
16 Swat the fly, blow it away total of 4 counts. 
Repeat the entire sequence five more times, then end by repeating Measures 15 and 16.

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