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Hungarian Gypsy Dance

LS E-15 
Formation: Couples in a single circle, hands joined, girl on boy's right, all facing center.

Measures (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 8 counts)
1- 4  All slide 8 steps to the left;
5- 8  All slide 8 steps to the right;
9-10  All take 3 steps into the center and stamp on 4th;
11-12  Back out 3 steps and stamp on 4th;
13-16  Swing turn in 8 running or skipping steps. Standing with right hips adjacent, partners place right arms around each other's waists, raise left arms high overhead and turn around each other. Finish by facing each other in a single circle, girl's back to LOD, facing partner, both hands joined, arms extended at shoulder height.
17-20  Four slow step-closes sidewards toward center while lowering and raising arms in time with the steps;
21-24  Eight fast, short, gallop steps back to place;
25-26  Two step-closes to center;
27-28  Two step-closes back to place;
29-32  Repeat the swing as described in Meas. 13-16. 
1- 4  Slide left;
5- 8  Slide right;
9-12  To the center three steps and out;
13-16  Swing;
17-20  Slow step-closes in;
21-24  Gallop out;
25-28  Two step-closes in and out;
29-32  Swing. 
Note: This dance dramatizes the moth as it flies around a flame. The moths circle the gypsy campfire, they fly in toward the flame, rejoice at their escape, then try it again. 

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