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French-Belgian Folk Dance 
LS E-7  
Formation: Double circle with partners facing, boys on inside, girls on outside. 

Meas. (2 counts per measure; i.e.; 1-2 = 4 counts) 
Part I
1- 2 All stamp three times;
3- 4 All clap hands three times;
5- 8 Join both hands with partner and turn once around.
Part II
9-16 All join hands in a circle and walk to the left 16 steps. 
Variations for Part II 
9-10 All join hands, walk into the center four steps, raising hands upward,
11-12 All back out four steps, bringing hands down,
13-16 Join both hands with partner and turn once around. 
9-10 Partners join right hands, shoulder high. Standing on left foot, extend right foot in front of left and tap right toe three times,
11-12 Reverse, tapping with left toe,
13-16 Join both hands with partner, and turn once around.  
Note: To make the dance progressive, in the variations, boys move to the left to the next girl on Measure 16.

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