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German Folk Dance 

LS E-7 
Formation: Circle of couples facing each other with both hands joined; boys facing LOD. 

Meas. (2 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-2 = 4 counts) 
1- 2 Two slow side-close steps toward center of circle; three steps in place;
3- 4 Two slow side-close steps away from center of circle, three steps in place;
5- 8 Repeat Meas. l-4; 
9-10 Slap own knees with both hands, clap own hands; clap both hands with partner three times;
11-12 Repeat Meas. 9-10;
13 Place right heel forward, place right elbow in left hand, and shake finger at partner three times;
14 Repeat Meas. 13 with other hand and foot;
15-16 Turn once around in place with four steps; and stamp three times. 
1- 2 Go in, and in; and step, step, step;
3- 4 Go out, and out; and step, step, step;
5- 8 Do it all again;
9-10 Knees, hands; your partner, 2, 3;
11-12 Knees, hands; your partner, 2, 3;
13 Scold with the right;
14 Scold with the left;
15-16 Turn yourself around; and stamp, stamp, stamp.

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