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Mexican Folk Dance 

LS E-5 

Formation: Single circle, facing center 

Meas. (4 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 16 counts) 
1- 4 Sing, “Oh, Chiapanecas, oh,oh!” then clap own hands twice. Repeat three times. 
5- 8 Face LOD, run on tiptoe with tiny steps. At end of final phrase of music face the center again. 
9-12 Repeat Meas. l-4 with two stamps instead of the two claps, hands on hips. 
13-16 Run in LOD, clicking heels lightly on floor while running. 
Formation: Double circle, partners facing; boys on inside, girls on outside. 
l- 4 Repeat Meas. 1-4, as above, looking at partner.
5- 8 Face LOD; join inside hands with partner and run forward, swinging arms   forward and back in time to the music. At end of last phrase, face partner.
9-12 Repeat Meas. l-4, turning to look over shoulder at partner, while stamping feet.
13-16 Partners face slightly to the right of each other and touch left elbows, looking over shoulder at partner. Run around partner once, with elbows touching, clicking heels on floor. At end of final phrase, face partner again. 
Note: Both versions end with the clapping sequence. Meas. l-4

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