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Swedish Folk Dance
LS E-13 
Formation: Double circle, all facing center; girls form inside circle with hands joined, boys place hands on partner's shoulders or waist. 

Meas. (4 counts per meas.; i.e., 1-4 = 16 counts) 
1 – 4 All take 16 slow side-close steps to the left, one per count; 
5 – 8 Still moving to the left, double-time so that the side-close becomes a gallop.
Repeat the gallop, moving to the right. 
At the end of the sequence, boys and girls change places, and the dance is repeated from the beginning. 
Note: The dance represents the turning carrousel as it accelerates and then stops to change passengers. If there are extra children, they can tag in when the children arechanging places. 
During the gallop the children may sing: 
“Ha, ha, ha, happy are we,
Anderson and Peterson and Lundstrom and me.”

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