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A Pantomime   The Story of “Sleeping Beauty” 
LS E-5 
Formation: Single circle, seated, facing center 

Verse 1.  Briar Rosebud was a princess fair, princess fair, princess fair,
Briar Rosebud was a princess fair, princess fair.
Verse 2. She lived up in a castle high….
Verse 3.  A spinning woman lived there, too…
Verse 4. She taught Briar Rosebud how to spin…
Verse 5. Briar Rosebud pricked her little thumb….
Verse 6. She fell asleep for a hundred years…
Verse 7.  A thorny hedge grew giant high….
Verse 8. A handsome prince came riding by….
Verse 9. He cut the hedge with his sword….
Verse 10. Briar Rosebud wakened at his touch…
Verse 11. And all our hearts are happy now… 
Tell the story of Sleeping Beauty briefly, using the name Briar Rosebud. Teach the song with the vocal track on the record. Choose children to take the parts of Briar Rosebud, the spinning woman, and the Prince. Have Briar Rosebud stand in the center of the circle, the spinning woman sit down a little distance from her, and the Prince stand outside the circle. 
1.  Children hold right hands toward Briar Rosebud who walks inside the circle in a regal manner, holding her skirt, and finishing in the center with a curtsy.
2. Children stand, holding joined hands high.
3. Spinning woman stands and pantomimes spinning, tapping her toe on an imaginary treadle and making a big circle with her right hand to indicate the wheel. All the children imitate her.
4. She pretends to teach Briar Rosebud how to spin. The children imitate her.
5. Briar Rosebud pantomimes pricking her thumb, shaking it in pain. Other children imitate her.
6. Briar Rosebud and children all pretend to fall asleep on the floor while the spinning woman steals away.
7. The children in the circle rise slowly from the floor, pantomiming a thorny hedge growing giant high, extending fingers for thorns.
8. The Prince, holding imaginary reins, gallops around the circle.
9. The Prince stops and pantomimes cutting a hole in the hedge with his sword.
10. The Prince goes to Briar Rosebud and touches her hand. She stands and makes a curtsy to the Prince, who bows to her.
11. The Prince and Briar Rosebud join hands and skip around the inside of the circle while those forming the circle sing and clap their hands on the words “happy now.” On the final chord they all rise on tiptoe, extending their hands upward.  

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