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Resources for the Caller, Dancer, Teacher.

Cue Sheets:Here are cue sheets for over 400 of the most popular dances in the LSF archive. In all of the listings for tunes, music, or dances, highlighted names link to the cue sheets for that dance. Just print your own cue sheets for rounds, contras, or any other dance you want, free! For many of these dances you can also find recordings below, with and without caller prompting.Click on Dance Categories above to start browsing.

Recordings: The system LSF previously used for ordering recordings has closed. We are organizing them in digital format, and are working on a electronic storefront to allow for easy access. We have 660 recordings of the most popularly requested LSF tunes from our entire catalog. Click HERE for a list of the tunes we have available AND to listen to a sample of each. While we are working on that you can order Mp3 files for these tunes by sending email to We can accept payment via Paypal and will email the .mp3 files. (Don't have a Paypal account?) Cost to LSF members is $0.75 per recording; cost to non-members is $1.50 per recording. We encourage people interested in preserving traditional dance and teaching it to the next generation to become LSF members. For many of the recordings you can find the Cue Sheets, see above. Please do check back on this page for details.

Books: Some books are available and can be ordered by sending email to

Kits:The Lloyd Shaw Foundation has published two major kits for use in schools and the community. These kits meet the standards for dance in educational settings. They contain music and full directions for teachers and leaders. You would be inclined towards the elementary and/or secondary kits when:

  • You are not familiar or skilled at teaching traditional dance, and need some help.
  • You need to justify your curriculum according to metrics which the county or state mandates regarding dance and physical education.
  • You aren't sure how to judge the difficulty of the dances, as it relates to your students, and you want material that has been selected and tested with the specific age group.

Elementary Kit - for grades K-6

Secondary Kit - for ages 12 and up

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