Terpsichore’s Delight

LS CD-1007 $15.00

Terpsichore Band: Brad Battey, Kimble Howard (fiddles), Marnen Laibow-Koser (piano, etc.), Kendall Rogers (piano), Marty Taylor (flute)

  1. Ffarwel Marian (Welsh mixer)
  2. Reel Eugene (reel) contra instrumental
  3. Edelweiss (round dance)
  4. Cowboy’s Jig (jig) contra instrumental
  5. Give Me Your Hand (waltz) instrumental
  6. Manitou (round dance/mixer) instrumental
  7. Light in the Window (round dance/mixer) instrumental
  8. Evil Diane (reel) contra instrumental
  9. Today (round dance) instrumental)
  10. Jefferson and Liberty) (jig) contra instrumental
  11. Beaumont Rag (rag) contra instrumental

Recorded at the LSF-sponsored Christmas dance week, Terpsichore’s Holiday, 2002

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