Sets In Order 1948-1985, Two Disk Set

In 1948 Bob Osgood started publishing Sets In Order, a magazine for square dancers in southern California. Over the years this magazine grew to become internationally recognized. This 2 DVD set contains all 444 issues (over 32,000 pages) of the magazine digitized in the .PDF format. They can be viewed on virtually any computer using a freely available .PDF reader. Issues are easily searched using Adobe Reader's Advanced Search capability.

Information in these issues which is relevent today include:

  • For the dancer:
    1. Pictures, diagrams and instructions on how to do almost every square dance call
    2. Styling tips on how to be a better dancer
    3. Sewing tips for making square dance clothes
    4. and much more
  • For the dance leader:
    1. Articles on how to be a dance leader
    2. Information and ideas about planning theme dances
    3. Ideas on how to recruit and keep new dancers
    4. and much more
  • For the caller or dance instructor:
    1. Instruction of how to execute almost all calls including experimental calls
    2. The figures for almost every square dance record published over this time frame
    3. Pages and pages of patter calls that can be used at your dances
    4. Articles on patter calling, sight calling, and other caller techniques
    5. and much more
  • For the dance historian:
    1. Information about specific dances and how to do them
    2. Information about specific callers and articles by many famous callers
    3. A picture of how square dance dress changed from 1948 to 1985
    4. Ads describing square dance conventions, and travel opportunities over the years
    5. and much more
  • Cost $20.00 + $5.00 S&H(one set) = $25.00
    Members $18.00 + $5.00 S&H(one set) = $23.00

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