LSDA CD1 Allemande Left!

An Evening of Traditional Western Square Dancing $15.00

This CD contains enough dance material to fill an evening with traditional western square dancing. It is on a level such that you can invite your friends in, pull back the furniture and the rug, and just have a down home good time without any expense other than buying the CD. There are instruction tracks for enough of the dances that even the most unfamiliar guests will feel comfortable. Every track was recorded live (including the instructions) with inexperienced dancers on the floor.

  1. Circassian Circle (and instruction track)
  2. Goin’ Uptown (and instruction track)
  3. Rip & Snort (and instruction track)
  4. Texas Star (and instruction track)
  5. Virginia Reel (and instruction track)
  6. Birdie in the Cage (and instruction track)
  7. Push ol’ Pa, Push ol’ Ma (and instruction track)
  8. Just Because
  9. The Route
  10. Forward Six, Fall Back Eight
  11. Chain Two Ladies, Chain Four Ladies
  12. Good Night Waltz (no cues – Home on the Range)

Calling by Bill Litchman, Music by The Sandia Hots All recorded live!!

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