Seed Money

The Lloyd Shaw Foundation Seed Money Program

The seed money program is an important part of the Lloyd Shaw Foundation's commitment to the preservation, restoration and teaching of the folk dances of America. The project was envisioned as being supportive to local dance organizations having a special event (such as a weekend workshop/dance event) and granting them up to $500 to help with the expenses of setting up the event. We would also provide free advertising in our quarterly magazine.

To be considered for a grant please print off and fill out the following application, and include a description of the event for which seed money is requested using the following outline:

1. Date(s) of the event
2. Kind of event (workshop, dance for special event etc.)
3. Your goal in sponsoring the event
4. Prospective staff
5. Whom do you expect to draw to the event?
6. What kind of attendance do you anticipate
7. What is your expected cost? (if possible, include separate faculty, staff and advertising costs)
8. Do you expect to charge enough admission to break even?
9. how much do you anticipate needing from the Foundation to get your plans off the ground?
10. If you charge those attending, and if you make enough profit, would you be willing to repay the Foundation some or all of its grant so that the money could then be made available to some other group?
11. Has this sort of thing been done successfully in your area before?
12. Is there anything else that you feel would support your expectation of a successful event?

Lloyd Shaw Foundation, Inc. Seed Money Application and Agreement
This Application and Agreement is made by and between the applicant, applicants or organization, hereinafter referred to as "applicant", listed below, and LLOYD SHAW FOUNDATION, INC. (LSF)

1. Applicant applies for a grant in the amount of $_________ (Maximum amount is $500) to be used to help fund a dance workshop at ____________________________________ on ______________ (date).
2. LSF agrees to advertise the event in its publication, The American Dance Circle
3. At least one applicant is a member of LSF. (Please indicate below the applicant(s) who is or are members of LSF)
4. Informational material about LSF, (including the logo), which LSF will provide, will be displayed and available to people attending the workshop.
5. The LSF logo and name will appear on brochures and other materials advertising the dance event.
6. Within 30 days after the even the applicant will send a report to LSF: an evaluation and summary of the event, including the number of people who attended and financial accounting. If any who attend wish to receive promotional material from LSF, please send a list of their names and addresses.
7. If the event does not take place, for any reason, LSF would expect to receive repayment of the grant to the fullest extent possible.
8. If the event earns a profit, please consider repaying LSF all or part of the grant. If repayment is not made please explain the reason for retaining the funds.
9. The applicant states that funds from LSF shall be made payable and delivered to :

Name: _______________________________________________

Dated this ____ day of _________________, 200__ .

LLOYD SHAW FOUNDATION, INC. APPLICANT (Please indicate [] LSF membership

By: ________________________

_______________________________ []
_______________________________ []
_______________________________ []
Please mail application to: Donna Bauer, Chm., LSF Seed Money Comm.
5506 Coal Ave. SE Albuquerque, NM 87108 (505) 255-2661 or, preferably, send the application electronically in .pdf format to